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Baltimore, MD
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I'm Horny♪♫♪♫
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I Might Tell Me If You Ask...
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Hajime Chitose, Moldy Peaches,
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Sex, Drugs, & Violence
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Talented, Natural, Beautiful

Hajime Chitose

Utada Hikaru

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Wus good, Baltimore? I'm starting over wit a all new lifestyle an state of mind. I'm 20 years of age, as of November 7th, 2007. I am no longer a Teenager and not looking to play games. I got no job right now So yeah fuck that shit, I am on my get money shit tho, so dont doubt a nigga.

My goals right now are getting my license and I already got a car on reserve. I'm in the process of gettin rid of excess baggage to make a positive move forward. I used to consider myself a lover-boy always looking for and wanting to love someone,

I mean what can I
say "Companionship" is one of the 4 human needs that actually matter to human life. And I am still that kind of person, I am heavily relationship oriented. I'm into deep strong relationships, be they friendship or romantic, I cant deal with anything or anyone shallow.

So if your a caring kind of person that like to be a friend when a friend is in need, or like the same we should get to know each other. I'm the type of person who was wiling to settle down wenever and start living with and for someone else. and dont say I'm to young for that I need to be out experiencing life. You can experience life with a significant other that way reducing the risk of "STD". But yeah im kind of a loner trying to break out of it tho, so whoever wan try drag me into the club seen feel free.

Now im accepting friends of all kinds, so dont be afraid to speak im a really friendly person. Just dont be one of those weirdo's that has to spend money to have fun. for all that I can get into a relationship. I want to generaly just meet cool people that can have fun doin whatever. So thats my life story, tell me yours.

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