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Chi town
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Flying Solo
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Mariah Carey, Jay-z
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smiley love
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And realizing, not every fairytale has a happy ending, now do they? I"m definately not stuntin it tho...I done stepped my game up and sexed my frame up, and clearly yall niggas dont know WHAT to do with it!! ♥

................So, with that bein said................
♥ Im taking this time to focus on LOVELY ♥
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So.. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
**** I WON"T BE ACCEPTING APPS at this time*****
................ ... Sorry Fellas : ( .......................

BUT, if she Got chu lovin it... here"s a- Lil" bout J:

She off tha chain! Ya girl is so hollywood wid it, but don’t get it twisted, I been `bout “Y- Town” since 9teen.Eighty- 7. Brief sypnosis- (Born in Ypsilanti, moved to Los Angels at the age of Eight, and currently reside in tha jazziest spot in tha “Y”) If you did tha math, Im currently 20 years young as of…(2 de Marzo) At 5’3 ShoTTay holdin her own… purchased her own whip, got a Jazzy a$$ spot wid 2 fly roommates, and constanly makin it REIGN on you hoes! Haha.. She be’s that Green Eyed Goddess tha hottess, its not an image folks. It’s reality. Ya girl stay super clean wheneva she seen -paparazzi always flashin- cant stop all tha action, always on my grind so ya dough is wha im If you seen me you prolly caught a glare, Swarovski Crystals on my kick make it impossible not ta stare Or is it them jays on her feet that make ‘er so unique, down to tha Coach that she tote’in or maybe its that juicy lotion??. Whateva tha case may be, tha girl is fly- and you fallin. You broke, and I’m ballin…You know I’m jazzy when u see me walk by, so fly no lie, you know that it is IWanna do this ish to.. but you don’t even try.I keep them nails done up -but I trim em down low, so when im hittin tha kick its not interruptin’ my flow..gotta stay lookin fresh ta death wherever she go.. You know fashion design is tha major… so I had to let cha know. It’s nothing less than tha jazzy crew when we do what we do, and we do it so bossy…trick jus get off me! My favorite artists: Mariah Carey aka MiMi
Sean Carter aka Jigga
**More to come. Stay tuned**
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